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I don’t know exactly what this is or where it came from…but it’s called “rebel Prince foro” and it’s 53 minutes of Rufus Wainwright wandering around Italy, looking at art and talking about life.



Tarnation is a 2003 American documentary film by JonathanCaouette. The film was created by Caouette from over 20 years of hundreds of hours of old super 8 footage, VHS videotape, photographs, and answering machine messages to tell the story of his life and his relationship with his mentally ill mother Renee.

Part documentary, part narrative fiction, part home movie, and part acid trip. A psychedelic whirlwind of snapshots, Super-8 home movies, old answering machine messages, video diaries, early short films, snippets of ’80s pop culture, and dramatic reenactments to create an epic portrait of an American family travesty. The story begins in 2003 when Jonathan learns that his schizophrenic mother, Renee, has overdosed on her lithium medication. He is catapulted back into his real and horrifying family legacy of rape, abandonment, promiscuity, drug addiction, child abuse, and psychosis. As he grows up on camera, he finds the escapist balm of musical theater and B horror flicks and reconnects to life through a queer chosen family. Then a look into the future shows Jonathan as he confronts the symbiotic and almost unbearable love he shares with his beautiful and tragically damaged mother

When Jonathan was 12 years old he was given two joints, which he later learned were dipped in formaldehyde. This resulted in years of a disasossiative disorder. In later interviews, Jonathan has said that, in making this film, he attempted to visually and aurally recreate the feeling of his dealings with this disorder.

As mentioned in a previous post, Jonathan made a follow up film entitled “Walk Away Renee”

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I Don’t Know Jack, a must-see  for every David Lynch fan, is the 2002 documentary by Chris Leavens about the life and death of ‘mad, wondrous boy“ Jack Nance. It includes interviews with David Lynch, Catherine E. Coulson, Charlotte Stewart, Dennis Hopper and many other friends, colleagues and family members, as well as movie clips and rare, private footage featuring Jack Nance himself

A Conversation With David Lynch

A great discussion with David Lynch concerning his process, the origin of ideas, and a lot more.

The following David Lynch Mash-Up Album was produced in 2008 by 1086 Productions. It is an 18-track mashup compilation mixed together into a seamless audio - and now beautiful visual editing - collection.

The Mashed in Plastic team :

“David Lynch has created some of the most sustaining and psychogenic fugue-inducing films of our day. The man is a singular entity. The soundtracks he has created and compiled for these films are often as confounding and compelling as the images they accompany. To honor his films, their soundtracks, and their soundscapes, we of 1086 Productions and our collaborators devised Mashed in Plastic : the David Lynch mash-up album, a collection of sounds from David Lynch films mixed together with other songs. The album is a continuous flowing whole, encompassing the breadth of Lynch’s filmic career.

And now, the coup de grâce: 1086 Productions’ own esteemed Gavin (The Reborn Identity) has created video to accompany every single track, every single sound, on the audio album. Each of the eighteen videos (plus added bonus extras !) is a foray into the mind of Lynch. Each of Gav’s creations, while honoring the films of Lynch, also give us sight into an alternate universe, one in which Lynch’s dames, dwarves, and demons dance among the pop glitterati and multifarious others.”

Enjoy this great work ! For more information please visit :


Tasseomancy: Reality

Mondo Taurobolium

Animated and Directed by Galen Pehrson

Music by Devendra Banhart